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Our Management Team

Dr. John Mary Matovu

Research Fellow

Dr. John Mary Matovu is a Research Fellow of the Research for Transformation and Development. He has written widely and his most recent work is on the Quest for Structural Transformation in Uganda by 2040. His areas of interest focus on fiscal policy and use of public resources, applied general equilibrium modeling, benefit incidence analysis at household level and micro-econometric work especially in the areas of health and education. John has worked with the International Monetary Fund for 10 years to the level of Senior Economist and has also undertaken various consultancies work with government, African Development Bank, World Bank, UNDP and collaborated with various researchers on topics related to use of public resources and growth. 

More recently he was involved in the drafting of the National Development Plans (1 and 2). John attained his D.Phil. from Oxford and an M.Phil. from Cambridge University and B.Sc. in Mathematics, Economics and Statistics from Makerere University. John has also taught and supervised several Ph.D. students both at Makerere University and the regional Ph.D. program under the African Economic Research Consortium.

Prof. Xavier Mugisha

Research Fellow

Prof. Xavier Mugisha is a Research Fellow of the Research for Transformation and Development. He has written widely on corruption and also developed tracking indicators for corruption. Xavier has also worked in areas of financial deepening by spearheading country-wide  (FINSCOPE) projects.

He has also worked with Statistics South Africa as Adviser on setting up the Institute of statistics. Xavier holds a Ph.D. Degree in Statistics from University of Manitoba, Canada. He was appointed to the position of Professor of Statistics by the University of Venda for Science and Technology, South Africa. Prof Xaxier has supervised various Ph.D. students.