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Computable General Equilibrium models are usually implemented using the GAMS or GEMPACK softwares. This comes at significant cost in form of licenses for the base software and solvers. The code has to be revised in line with new releases of these commercial softwares. Time to explore capabilities of open source programming languages. Julia is completely open source and comes with a package for solving optimization models called JuMP. It also comes with free solvers such as Ipopt and PATH for MCP problems. Download Julia and Complementarity plus JuMP packages. 

We implement a simple CGE model with 2 goods, 2 firms and 2 consumer using Julia which is completely free. The second model is the Cameroon CGE model which has been widely used in the CGE literature especially for developing country applications. 

Model 1--Shoven model 2X2X2 Using Path Solver

Read this paper to understand the code better.

Model 2 --Cameroon CGE Model Implemented using Julia. The first file is the model and second file is the data.

Model 3 --Large-scale model with energy and environment modules